Industrial Solutions from IFB. Laundry & Dishwashing Since 2007, IFB has been serving customers across industries – from hotels and restaurants to hospitals, government establishments, corporates, educational institutions, and more. Designed to give high efficiencies and a superior quality output, these industrial solutions are also environment-friendly and consume power responsibly, helping your business grow while being sustainable. Today, IFB has got to the point where it leads in providing industrial solutions for laundry and dishwashing - with over 5,000 installations in the laundry and dishwashing segments. Industrial Laundry: IFB Industrial Laundry machines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that translate to being more economical and environment friendly. Built to last, these machines deliver top notch results while ensuring your business optimally utilises resources keeping operational costs to a minimum. Our washers come in a plethora of sizes all the way from 10 kg to 180 kg, complimented by dryers, built to cater to a variety of laundry needs.

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